Friday, August 23, 2019

Career Spotlight: Lindsay Jagla MA'20 Latin America Studies

Where are you currently working?

This summer I was a political risk intern at Cefeidas Group in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cefeidas Group is an international advisory firm that works with clients that operate or invest in Argentina and the Southern Cone. As an intern, I had the opportunity to analyze issues related to the economic and political environment for clients ranging from multilaterals to private sector companies. It was a particularly worthwhile experience working in Argentina this summer because the country has a presidential election coming up in October. As such, there were a great deal of important political and economic changes while I was there, especially after the national primary elections occurred in August.

What was your background before coming to Johns Hopkins SAIS?

Before coming to SAIS, I prioritized doing service and gaining international experience. I studied History, International Studies, and Spanish at Northwestern University and decided to work for a few years before attending graduate school for International Relations. After graduating from Northwestern in 2015, I joined Teach for America and taught high school Spanish in Washington D.C. for two years. After that, I moved to Manizales, Colombia and taught English for 10 months through the Fulbright program. My experience in Colombia led me to choose Latin American Studies as my concentration upon enrolling at SAIS.

How do you think SAIS prepared you for the role you accepted?

In my internship, I had to write many reports for clients related to political or economic developments. These were very similar to the memos or briefings that I have had to write for a variety of my classes at SAIS. SAIS prepared me to be able to write a variety of reports depending on the clients’ needs and under strict deadlines. Additionally, my role included a fair amount of economic analysis and research. Due to the many economics courses I had taken at SAIS, especially those related specifically to Latin America and emerging markets, I found greater success in looking at Argentina’s economic issues for my clients. I would also not have found this internship in the first place without the Latin American Studies summer internship program. Previous SAIS interns had spent summers working at Cefeidas Group, and Anne McKenzie, the head of the LASP internship program, was able to connect me with the company and set up an interview.

What advice would you give prospective students considering SAIS?

Have goals in mind for your time in grad school and identify the resources you can utilize to achieve these goals early on. There are so many opportunities and resources to take advantage of at SAIS and it will help you get a head start on achieving your goals if you already have ideas in mind when you come in. If your goal is to spend your summer interning abroad, then reach out to the SAIS program or career advisor to see what your options are early! If you are considering SAIS, it is important to identify all of the great opportunities awaiting you.