Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2018 Admissions Guideline: How to RSVP a class visit and interview

The schedule for class visits and interviews for the 2018 admissions is finally up! Time slots are limited and they tend to get booked fast, so make sure you reserve a spot early in the schedule. Here is a step by step guide on how to access the calendar and how to RSVP your spot.

Step 1: Go to sais-jhu.edu and click "ADMISSIONS"


Step 2: Click "MySAIS profile"

Step 3: Login to your MySAIS account or create a new account

Step 4: Once logged in, click "My Events/Interviews"

Step 5: Click "Search for Events/Interviews"

Step 6: Find events using the calendar or click "Search" to find specific events

Step 7: Pull down the "Category" bar to find specific classes and interviews

Step 8: Once you've found a good time slot, click "Register" to reserve your spot

You did it! 

TIP #1: Make sure you do this early on in the school semester. Spots are limited, and they tend to be booked faster closer to the application deadline.

TIP #2: The Skype interview is a great alternative if an on-campus interview does not fit your schedule.

TIP #3: Set your computer's language to English if you can't view the calendar. 

TIP #4: Be early to your class visit and interview! If you arrive late to the class visitation, we won't be able to get you into the classroom since we don't want to disrupt the lecture for other students. 

Rebecca Chun
Admissions Coordinator