Thursday, May 4, 2017

Headaches and Housing

Hi Everyone! Today I’ll be talking about my experience finding housing for my studies at Johns Hopkins SAIS. When it time came to consider housing options, I was fortunate due to the fact that my family lives relatively close to area. Prior to moving to Williamsburg for my undergraduate studies, I resided in the Northern Virginia area which (depending on where you live) is around 30 minutes to an hour away from campus via metro.

I decided to make life easier (and cheaper) for myself by just moving back in with my family for an additional two years. My advice to anyone who has family nearby is to consider the possibility of moving back home for however long your time at Johns Hopkins SAIS will be. Although, the transition from living on my own to being back with my parents was challenging at the beginning, I do not regret my decision because it has saved me a lot of money and has given me a close support system through my family.

Thanks for Reading!