Friday, May 19, 2017

2016-2017 International Human Rights Clinic Students Present Findings on Peru, Kenya, and Sri Lanka Forest Defenders

On May 16, International Human Rights Clinic students hosted a roundtable discussion on their forthcoming report, "They Protect the Forests. Who Protects Them? The Intersection of Conservation, Development, and Human Rights of Forest Defenders." The team discussed lessons from Kenya, Peru, and Sri Lanka.

The International Human Rights Clinic is a course offered by the International Law and Organizations program designed to teach students skills for careers in international human rights advocacy and protection. These skills will be taught through the use of simulations, discussions, case studies and clinical work. Each student taking the course has the opportunity to gain practical experience in international human rights through clinical work with The Protection Project. Such work may include, writing a human rights report, drafting a model law or fact-finding mission, developing human rights education materials and programming, conducting research, etc. While engaged in clinical work, students in the course will have an opportunity to collaborate with other students in clinics at universities both domestic and abroad. Moreover, students in the course may have the opportunity to participate in conferences and panels on international human rights issues.