Friday, April 21, 2017

You're Invited: Open Events At Johns Hopkins SAIS April 24-April 28

Johns Hopkins SAIS hosts hundreds of events each year, many of which are free and open to the public. Offering a wide spectrum of viewpoints on current global issues, these events give students the opportunity to interact with thought leaders in various industries. While many of these events are exclusive to Johns Hopkins SAIS students and alumni, a number are free and open to the public. We invite you to join us for some of the events below.

His Exellency K. Shanmugam is set to visit Johns Hopkins SAIS on April 26

Monday, April 24

Shifting Gears: Technologies, Behaviors, and the Future of Transportation
Dean Vali Nasr and the Energy, Resources and Environment Program’s Global Leaders Forum in partnership with BP invite you to a panel discussion on Shifting Gears: Technologies, Behaviors, and the Future of Transportation.

Tuesday, April 25

Climate Policy without the US Government
With the rejection of US government support for climate policies under the Trump administration, is progress on climate still possible in the US at the city and state levels? What are the prospects internationally for advances in mitigating global warming without US governmental participation? Can expansion of renewable energies play a major role?”

The State of State Capitalism in China
Dr. Yasheng Huang, Professor and Associate Dean in MIT Sloan School of Management will speak at SAIS China Forum about the state of Chinese state capitalism.

Wednesday, April 26

Prospects for U.S.-China-Africa Relations in the Trump Era
Early signs in Donald Trump’s presidency indicate the United States will likely retreat from Africa under an “America First” foreign policy. How will the respective roles of the United States and China in Africa change under these circumstances? Will existing opportunities for constructive trilateral collaboration remain, or will they need to be modified? How will African countries respond to these shifts? This roundtable will draw on the public and private sectors to explore the future of U.S.-China-Africa relations in an evolving geopolitical landscape.

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim is a PhD candidate in Political Science and a research affiliate with the Sahel Research Group at the University of Florida. He has carried out extensive comparative fieldwork on the politics of Islamic contestation and on jihadi movements and new religious dynamics in the Sahel, notably in Niger, Mali and Mauritania.

A Conversation with His Excellency Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam
His Exellency K. Shanmugam Mr. K Shanmugam read law at the National University of Singapore . He was admitted to the Singapore Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor in 1985. On 1 May 2008 Mr. Shanmugam was appointed a Cabinet Minister. He is now the Minister for Home Affairs and the Minister for Law. He has also served as the Minister for Foreign Affair

Thursday, April 27

A Conversation with Anne Hillerman Author of 'Song of the Lion
Dean Vali Nasr invites you to join SAIS Women Lead for the Women Who Inspire lecture series with Anne Hillerman, Author of “Song of the Lion” and Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli, Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute.

Lights Out: The Risks of Climate and Natural Disaster Related Disruption to the Electrical Grid
At this event, the Johns Hopkins SAIS Energy, Resources and Environment (ERE) Swiss Re practicum team - Annabella Korbatov, Julia Price-Madison, Yihui Wang, and Yi Xu - will present their preliminary research findings on how the risk is evolving in the Pacific Northwest, including implications for reliability of the system and potential economic disruption. An expert panel will discuss the steps various stakeholders in government and the utility and insurance industries are taking to understand this risk and manage exposures.

Friday, April 28

The Environmental Risks and Oversight of Enhanced Oil Recovery in the U.S.
Please join the Clean Water Action Practicum Team for the presentation of their research. A panel discussion and Q&A session will follow.

Johns Hopkins SAIS Social Enterprise Accelerator Fund - Final Team Presentations
This SAF teams this year are working with UBELONG and Echo Mobile. UBELONG, founded by Johns Hopkins SAIS Professor Raul Roman, offers high impact volunteering opportunities abroad. Echo Mobile’s CEO, Zoe Cohen is a Johns Hopkin SAIS alumuna and her team works on cutting edge mobile-­data solutions based in Kenya. Our SAF teams getting ready for their final presentations so mark your calendars, come support your friends, and find out more about the Johns Hopkin SAIS Social Enterprise Accelerator Fund!