Saturday, April 15, 2017

Let’s talk advice…

Hi Everyone! Although the deadline to choose a graduate school is still a couple weeks away for some of you, I wanted to take some time to give advice to those of you who have (or will) decide to matriculate at SAIS. One of my biggest regrets from last year was not taking advantage of all of the resources SAIS has to offer outside of academics. I’ve mentioned this in some of my earlier blogs but, during my first semester at SAIS, I didn’t really take advantage of any of the social activities (networking sessions and happy hours for example) SAIS had to offer. My life revolved pretty much around academics and, as a consequence, I missed out on making connections with people who really could have helped ease my transition from undergraduate to graduate school.

Although it is undeniable that academics are important, it is also important to note that networking and making connections is very valuable to your graduate school experience. The beginning of your first semester is when everyone is trying to mingle and make connections so definitely go out there and meet as many people as you can during that time!

Denise B.
MA Student Blogger