Monday, March 13, 2017

A Year Ago, I Was In Your Shoes

CONGRATULATIONS! By now you should have received word that you’ve been admitted to SAIS. This is such an exciting time for you and I’m honored to be able to personally congratulate you on your acceptance. A year ago, I was in your shoes and logged into my applicant portal to find a “Congratulations! The Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) is pleased to offer you admission….” letter waiting for me. Although I was incredible excited to find out that I had been admitted, I was also very nervous since I realized that I had a very daunting task ahead of me.

Choosing the right school to go to is an extremely big decision since graduate school is a huge financial and time commitment and your next couple weeks will undoubtedly be filled with open houses, campus tours, and overall research on all of the different things each school you’ve been admitted to has to offer. During this time period, I implore you to list all of the things that you value in a graduate school and to explore the services that each school has to offer to ensure that your values line up with those services. If possible, arrange to spend a day on campus! Sit down in a class that you’re interested in and arrange to talk to current students! While doing online research on a school is great, you’ll often quickly be able to tell if a school is right for you just by stepping foot on its campus.

Congratulations once again and take time to let it soak in that you’ve been accepted into an amazing institution that has a lot to offer you both academically and professionally. I’m so excited for all of you and hope to be able to welcome you to SAIS in the fall!

Thanks for Reading,
Denise (MA'18), Student Blogger