Wednesday, March 15, 2017

From New York to DC

Hi everyone! My name is Daphne and I’m a first-year MA student here at SAIS. Originally from the suburbs of New York City, I came to DC for the first time for my undergraduate studies. At Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, I majored in International Politics and completed a certificate in International Development. After graduation, I returned to New York and spent five years working at the Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic organization founded by George Soros to promote human rights, good governance, and development around the world. That experience was invaluable and helped me concretize my career goals: I hope to work for a non-governmental advocacy organization, helping to shape policy at the intersection of human rights and development on behalf of those directly affected by it.

With that in mind, I came to SAIS and chose to concentrate in International Law & Organizations and minor in International Development. This gives me a better understanding of both the legal framework that will guide my future advocacy work and the organizations that will be key advocacy targets and partners. While I may resume working immediately after graduation, I do ultimately intend to pursue a PhD in the hopes of further exploring my field and boosting my credibility as a policy expert.

Outside of SAIS, I keep (extra!) busy by volunteering for two organizations, marathon training, and, now, working here in the Admissions Office! I look forward to sharing my experiences with you as I navigate this exciting program in this city that I love!

Thanks for reading!
Daphne, Student Blogger