Thursday, March 30, 2017

11 Reasons Why You Really Need To Make The Admitted Student Open House

Hear me out.

1. Johns Hopkins SAIS has a personality of its own.
This picture says it, but you really need to experience it first hand.

2. We have some really cool alumni, faculty, and students.
And they'll participate in specialized panel discussions.

3. Our Dean (who's pretty famous) will be in attendance.
Oh hey, we know him.

4. Your Linkedin profile will definitely thank you.
We've hired a professional photographer to take your headshot, and it's complimentary. You can take the bathroom selfie down now.

5. There's no better way to get a feel for a program than to sit in on a class (or in our case, two).
You may visit a class of your choosing in the afternoon AND in the evening.

6. Sometimes really cute puppies crash the party.
And then we put them on post cards to be sold at the SAIS store, which will be open during Open House.

7. Sometimes Wolf Blitzer also crashes the party. 
Not going to happen this year, but we wanted to use this opportunity for a shameless plug.

8. Free food.
As you probably remember from your undergrad days, cashing in on free complimentary food whenever possible is conducive to academic success. Open House is the best warm up for the real thing.

9. Information about pretty much everything.
Diversity, career services, financial aid, student organizations, pre-term, you name it.

10. You have a valid excuse to hashtag your tweets. 

11. Swag.
That is all.