Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Here's What Happens To Your Application Now That You've Hit 'Submit'

Once you hit the submit button, our content management system retrieves your online application and attaches your supplemental materials to your applicant file. It attaches any materials you uploaded in the online application system as well as any materials we received before you submitted the online application, such as interview evaluations, letters of recommendation, and standardized test scores.

Meanwhile, a group of student assistants is hard at work typing away, manually attaching physical documents and additional electronic documents to your applicant file. They use a variety of mechanisms to identify which materials belong to whom, e.g., the name on the document, the email address from which the materials were sent, a unique identifier created about content management system, and etc.

Next, once we’ve had enough time to process all the materials we received, we send you an email updating you on the status of your application. If our email says your application is complete, that means we’ve received all your supplemental materials and your application has entered the review process. At this stage, no further action is needed on your end until decisions are released in mid-March. If our email says your application is incomplete, that means some of your supplemental materials have not been received. In our email we’ll let you know exactly what materials are outstanding and offer you a chance to resend them.

Once you're application is complete, it moves to the application review queue, where application readers will select it for review at random. The reader will review your interview evaluationstatement of purpose, official standardized test scoresanalytical essayresume, and any other required application materials. As we discussed extensively during this fall's recruiting events, application readers look for six admissions criteria – academic preparation, quantitative aptitude, professional experience, international exposure, leadership ability, and foreign language aptitude. At least two different readers will evaluate your file.

On the notification date specified here, we'll send you your decision letter via email. Along with instructions on how to accept or decline your offer of admission, the decision letter will include details about any conditions attached to your admission, if you have any.