Wednesday, December 21, 2016

7 Memorable Johns Hopkins SAIS Moments of 2016

1 | Madeleine Albright's Visit. On October 3, Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, shared lessons from her long career in government with Professor John McLaughlin and students:

2 | Matteo Renzi's Visit. On October 19, Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy, His Excellency Matteo Renzi joined the Johns Hopkins SAIS community for a Conversation on Trans-Atlantic Relations, Global Security and the Future of the European Union:

3 | The 2016 SAIS Day of Service. On September 2, more than 300 incoming students at the Washington, DC campus participated in the SAIS Day of Service on the National Mall while getting to know their classmates before the start of the academic year:

4 | The 2016 Cherry Blossom Ball. On March 26, we held our annual Cherry Blossom Ball at Arena Stage, hosted by the Student Government Association:

5 | The GPP Cohort's Trip to India. In November, GPP students traveled to India to finalize research projects on issues such as US-India trade policy, democratic reforms, renewable energy, defense diplomacy, and information economies:

6 | The 2016 International Dinner. In November, students prepared foods representing their culture, dressed up in traditional cultural garb, and performed in a school-wide talent show:


7 | Snowmageddon 2016: Need we say more?

Happy Holidays!