Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The SAIS Advantage in Regional Studies

Choosing a concentration is one of the many ways in which Master of Arts students shape their academic experience. A concentration has the power to determine curriculum requirements, influence academic and professional interests, and even broaden job prospects post-graduation. Given that Johns Hopkins SAIS offers 22 concentrations, each offering a unique sets of benefits, it is crucial that candidates do their research to determine which is the best fit intellectually and professionally.

Today we will host a themed information session that will focus specifically on Regional studies at Johns Hopkins SAIS, and how choosing to concentrate in a specific region can give you a professional edge and help you advance your career. This session will be led and moderated by Dr. Christopher Sands, Senior Research Professor and director of the Center for Canadian Studies. Professor Sands will be joined by a panel or current students and alumni who chose to pursue their studies in a variety of different regions. Please register for this event via our Eventbrite page.

For a complete list of our information sessions and recruiting events, please see the SAIS Admissions recruiting schedule. For a complete list of Johns Hopkins SAIS concentrations, please click here. We hope you will be able to join us!