Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What Do SAIS Students Do Outside the Classroom?

Outside of the classroom, students participate in a diverse array of activities. Students attend weekly and annual social events, travel abroad with classmates during study trips and career treks, and join a number of student clubs and organizations.

Traditions and Socials
In conjunction with the Office of Student Life, the Student Government Association coordinates a number of activities that offer students a chance to socialize with classmates, faculty, and staff. In recent years, some of the more popular student traditions have included:

  • Friday Happy Hours
  • Thursday Cookie Hours
  • The Super Bowl Party
  • The SAIS Day of Service
  • The Cherry Blossom Ball
  • Fireside Chats with faculty
  • Dean's Forums
  • Saisapalooza
  • the annual Mr. and Mrs. SAIS Competition
  • Dean's Coffee Hours

Student Organizations
Students join a number of career clubs, regional clubs, activity clubs, sports clubs, and student publications.

Global Career Treks
The Office of Career Services organizes every year 14 sector-focused treks to Asia, Europe, and North America. Through company visits and alumni receptions, students network with employers and gain insights into life as a practitioner. Past career treks have taken place in cities such as New York, London, Brussels, Geneva, Hong Kong, Houston, and Beijing.

International Study Trips
SAIS academic programs offer study trips to students during intersession and summer periods. In recent years, students have traveled to New Dehli, Indonesia, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Ghana, and more.