Monday, August 8, 2016

Student Profile: Julia Hermann

Name: Julia Hermann
Program: MA'17
Concentrations: Foreign Policy, Latin American Studies
Languages: Spanish, English
Current Occupation: Department of State Intern

What has been your favorite SAIS course so far, and why?
I really enjoyed Financial Crises in Emerging Markets with Professor Monica de Bolle, which covered theories, frameworks, and case studies of different types of financial crises—currency, balance of payments, liquidity, etc. I took this course at the same time as Corporate Finance, so the pairing of the technical skills I learned in Finance and their practical application in this class was incredibly beneficial. While the course has a loose focus on crises as they relate to Latin American markets, there is room to cover any emerging market in each of the two memos and term paper. I enjoyed this format because the short memos allowed me to delve into topics and countries that I was interested in, but couldn’t include in the theme of my term paper.

Tell us about your concentration and why you chose it.
I am in the American Foreign Policy Program, and also minor in Latin American Studies (LASP) and am informally focusing on international finance classes. I chose this combination of programs because they allow me to pursue a breadth of topics along my core interest: U.S. financial and economic policy toward Latin America. My LASP courses provide the political framework for economic policy decisions within the broader context of American foreign policy. I enjoy being a part of the Foreign Policy program not only for this context, but also because of the program’s flexibility with class options—the program has really allowed me to personalize my study.

What are some extracurricular activities you're involved in at SAIS? 
My very favorite SAIS activity is being a part of SAIS Global Women in Leadership (GWL), a student-run career club and fabulous community of women (and men). I am the marketing chair on this year’s executive board. GWL puts on a variety of events throughout the year to promote women in international careers and provide career-related resources to our members. Our events range from coffee chats with experienced professionals, panel discussions, and networking events, to our annual conference. We are really looking forward to welcoming new members! I also work as a TA in the SAIS Writing Center, which has been an amazing learning opportunity; I edit papers written by my fellow students on regions and topics that I would otherwise not have the chance to study.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
I hope to pursue a career in consulting or the private sector. SAIS has been incredibly helpful in linking the more technical classes, like stats, finance, and econometrics, with classes concerning their practical application, so students can immediately see the relevance of those technical skills for their career.  Career services also offers online and in-person skills courses throughout the year to develop more specified skills that are also extremely useful and marketable. The SAIS network—the SAIS Mafia, as they call it— is also invaluable for both career advice and opportunities.