Monday, May 2, 2016

You've Accepted Your Offer of Admission, Now What?

For the Johns Hopkins SAIS admissions team, today is a day to celebrate. After months of combing through some very impressive statements of purpose, transcripts, test scores, and recommendations, we extended offers of admission to the candidates we believed would bring academic, professional, and social diversity to to the SAIS community. For those of you who accepted our offer, welcome to SAIS! Please find resources that will now be available to you below.

In the second week of May, you will receive a Johns Hopkins University email address and identification number. This email address will be used to log in to the matriculation portal, and will be the new email address SAIS uses to communicate with you. You can also use this email address to log in to the Off-Campus Student Housing website.

The Matriculated Student Portal
The Matriculated Student Portal is the one stop shop for enrollment information. The online portal includes a checklist to complete prior to enrolling at SAIS, as well information on orientation, registration, student services, financial aid, and billing. You will receive access to the matriculated student portal in the second week of May, and will need to use your JHED ID to log in.

The Class of 2018 Facebook Group
Much like the admitted student Facebook group, this group will be a space for you to connect with your future classmates. This time around though, the group will be exclusive to students who have officially accepted our offer of admission and will be moderated by the Office of Student Life. The Office of Student Life will email the invite link to you no later than May 20.

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