Monday, May 9, 2016

Student Profile: Patrick Molloy

For this week's student profile, we sat down with Patrick Molloy, a second year MA student born and raised in Dublin. Prior to joining the SAIS community Patrick studied Politics and History at the University College Dublin.

Program/Class: MA 2016
Concentration: Energy, Resources, & Environment
Hometown: Dublin

When considering graduate school, what was appealing about SAIS?

The international nature of SAIS and the diversity of students backgrounds was a very big positive. It’s wonderful to have people in your classroom who have a personal understanding or a professional experience relating to the coursework you’re studying. You deal with some great professors with great experience. Overall there are fantastic opportunities to get tangible insights into what is really happening in the your areas of interest.

What has been your favorite SAIS course so far, and why?
Renewable Energy: Markets, technologies, projects was probably my favorite course so far. It gave us great understanding of the challenges of developing energy infrastructure as well as giving us tangible skills to understand how these decisions are made. It forced us to look at what we could practically achieve and how we could adapt to various challenges that the energy sector was facing in incorporating renewable energy into the energy mix.

Can you tell us about your concentration, and why you chose it?
I was always really interested in energy and how countries were going to adapt and adjust to the changing expectations around CO2 emissions and sustainable energy. Having and ERE concentration allowed me to really explore the areas around this and to learn the role of policy and business decision making in these fields.

What are some other activities you're involved in at SAIS?
This year I participated in the annual crisis simulation. It was a fantastic experience and gave a great account of the challenges decision makers have with limited information and limited time. It was a great to meet more of my classmates from other concentrations and  it was a great way to see the value of each perspective in action.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
I want to get involved in energy and infrastructure development or finance. SAIS has allowed me to take a number of great classes in this field, as well as allowing me to meet alumni who are working in the field.

What do you see as beneficial about the opportunity to study in Bologna and Washington?
Bologna is a life experience. You have some limitation on classes but you also get the opportunity to take classes that are different than what is offered in DC. You also have the benefit of living in Italy and being able to travel all around Europe very easily. You have the opportunity to experience a different pace and style of life with a lot of fantastic interesting people.

Did you have any exposure to the global SAIS Network prior to coming to SAIS?
One of my friends from undergrad went to SAIS before I came. It was great because I got the opportunity to meet people who were doing the kind of work I was interested in getting involved in. It also gave me a real sense of what SAIS was about and the amazing people you meet.