Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SAIS Admissions Timeline 2016

So, you submitted your application, you've been checking your email account for application status updates, and now you want to know what happens next, right? Well, here's the scoop: We'll be releasing admissions decisions March 11 through March 18. Click here for the specific date you'll receive a decision. While you await the decision, familiarize yourself with our timeline.

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Offer of Admission
You can access your admission decision via the online application system. You will  receive an email notifying you when your decision has been updated. If you receive an offer, you will get an email from the Office of Financial Aid regarding your status of your financial aid application.

Wait List
Those who are wait listed will be notified via the online application system. It's crucial that you check your email account and admission decision because if you don't respond, you won't stay on the wait list. We will expect you to respond by May 1.  We do not rank our waitlist.

We encourage applicants who've been denied to reapply for a future time of entry. For those considering this course of action, we offer reapplication interviews beginning in early June. For more information on reapplication interviews, leave a comment below.

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Jessica, Admissions Coordinator