Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The status of your submitted application

The January 7th application deadline has come and gone. And now that you’ve submitted your application, you’re probably wondering whether your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and test scores have successfully arrived at our office.

Our winter break staff hard at work processing some of today’s mail.

Because we receive hundreds of supplemental materials this time of year, it takes us about two weeks to compile and attach everything. So, how will we update you once we’re done?

(Hint: check your email at the end next week.)

  • Two weeks after the application deadline, we’ll email you to update you on the status of your application.    
  • If our email says your application is complete, that means we’ve received all your supplemental materials and your application is being reviewed. In other words, no further action is needed on your end until decisions are released in mid-March.
  • If our email says your application is incomplete, that means some of your supplemental materials have not been received. In our email we’ll let you know exactly what materials are outstanding, and offer you a chance to resend them. We’ll work with you to ensure your application is complete in time for review.

We know the uncertainty can be grueling, and we can assure you we’re doing our best to process your materials quickly and efficiently. While you wait, we encourage you to prepare and submit your financial aid applications before the February 15th deadline. For more information on Financial Aid at SAIS, go here and click on “Financial Aid.” The SAIS Financial Aid Application is available from the Financial Aid website, or from the SAIS Application via the Apply Yourself system (click on the link for Downloadable Forms).

If you’re interested in the Johns Hopkins SAIS MIPP or GPP programs, or any of the Hopkins-Nanjing Center programs, you still have time to apply!  The application deadline for these programs is February 1. Submit your online application here.

Thanks for reading,
Jessica, Admissions Coordinator