Thursday, December 10, 2015

DaQuan, What Extracurriculars Did You Participate In This Semester?

Greetings!  My post this week pertains to the world of extracurricular activities at SAIS. I would be remiss if I did not emphasize the role that the city has played throughout my tenure as a SAIS student. Within the United States, Washington DC is nationally known as the political capital; however within the global community, the District is internationally known as a transnational political and economic nucleus. Justifying its reputation, Washington DC is comprised of an abundance of multinational organizations, international corporations, non-government organizations, and governmental institutions that facilitate international relations events. In addition, SAIS has an innumerable amount of seminars, forums, roundtable discussions, and brown-bag lunches that are hosted by the institution and its collaborating organizations. Furthermore, SAIS offers a wide range of student organizations and career clubs to complement and supplement its career services center and the academic experience of its students. Each of the aforementioned factors significantly contributes to the overall SAIS experience.

This semester I had the pleasure of participating in a research project based on the Indonesian palm oil industry. In August I joined an esteemed delegation of SAIS students, who traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia under the auspices of the SAIS International Law and Organizations department, to investigate the social and environmental impacts of Indonesian palm oil cultivation. After our trip, we compiled our research and hosted a day-long conference to present our findings to the SAIS community and the greater Washington area at-large.  Internationally the palm oil industry grosses over 20 billion dollars, and the crop is regarded as a premier vegetable oil. Not to mention the fact that palm oil extracts are found in over 50% of products sold in American and European grocery stores.  Nevertheless, pardon my tangent.  I strongly advise all prospective and future SAISers to take advantage of SAIS’ vibrant student life community and extracurricular opportunities. You surely will not be disappointed!

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DaQuan, Student Blogger