Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Are You Looking Forward To This Year, Jahanara?

Hi again!

In addition to making it through my first year of grad school this year I am most excited about being a part of the SAIS Global Women in Leadership (GWL) conference committee. GWL is a student-run organization that helps equip SAIS students and future leaders with the skills necessary to address the challenges facing women globally.

Joining student-led organizations and clubs was always an integral part of my undergraduate career and I definitely wanted to bring that into my graduate experience as well. Even prior to joining SAIS I knew I wanted to work with GWL and was drawn to their focus on women’s voices in development spaces. As a graduate of a women’s college seeking out a community of women at SAIS was very important to me and GWL has been crucial in providing me with that space. I love that GWL facilitates women helping other women in a world where society often works against such partnerships. And I’m excited to join its legacy of promoting diversity in development and policymaking!  

One way GWL does that is through our annual conference. The conference aims to provide a forum for women in different stages of their career to have deeper conversations about current challenges and opportunities confronting women around the world. Past conferences have focused on the growing power of women entrepreneurs as agents of change, the impact of technology on women’s personal and professional lives, and promoting women in emerging markets. This year’s conference is definitely going to be interesting and I’m excited to be a part of it!

–Jahanara, SAIS Admissions Student Blogger