Saturday, October 24, 2015

Student Blogger: Matt F.

Allow us to introduce you to Matt F., today's student blogger. Enjoy!

My name is Matt and I am a first year MA candidate concentrating in Strategic Studies. Originally from California, I moved to Washington DC about 3 years ago when I graduated from college. Prior to starting at SAIS I was working for a SAIS affiliated think tank called the US-Korea Institute. It was there that I came to understand the immense amount of hard work that goes into running a think tank and producing work that is intellectually rigorous and respected. The importance of being conversant in international economics as well as the various functional and regional particulars of certain international conflicts was made quite clear to me. Now, as a SAIS Strategic Studies concentrator, I not only have the chance to learn about strategy and policy from incredible faculty, but I am also enrolled in courses that will equip me to better understand international economics as well as the quantitative methods I will need for my career. My hope is to take the skills that I will have gained at SAIS and work for the Federal Government in the area of East Asian diplomacy and security.

–Matt Foerster, SAIS Admissions Student Blogger