Monday, January 5, 2015

The Clock is Ticking!

Now that it’s 2015, only a few days are left to apply for the SAIS MA, MAIA, Diploma, and MIEF programs.  The application deadline is almost here: January 7.  Don’t miss your chance to join the incoming 2015 class!

With just a few days left before the deadline, here are a few ideas for you to make sure that your application is in order:
  • Check the status of your recommendations the next time you login to your application.  If your references haven’t yet submitted their letters of recommendation, you may want to follow up and remind them that the application deadline is this Wednesday.
  • Go over your resume one last time to make sure that all the dates and information is correct.
  • Do a final edit of your Statement of Purpose and other supporting essays.  Check for typos, correct any grammatical errors, and tighten up any loose prose.  If you can, have someone else read it through to see if they catch anything you may have missed.
  • Double-check your online application to make sure you have entered all your information correctly, and that it matches your supporting documents.  For example, make sure the dates on your resume and the employment history section of the application are congruent; make sure the grades you noted on the economics page match the grades on your transcript.  And make sure your contact information is correct!
When you’ve made sure that everything in your application is nice and tight, make sure you click that submit button on (or before!) January 7.  Click here to access your online application.

Please note: the Admissions Office has received many inquiries from applicants requesting confirmation of receipt of materials.  Unfortunately, due to the large volume of incoming materials, we cannot confirm receipt of individual application items at this time.  After the application deadline has passed and we have processed the incoming applications, we will email all applicants with an update on their application: either a confirmation that all materials have been received, or a request for outstanding items.  We do our best to work with every applicant to make sure that each application is complete and reviewed.

Thanks for reading!

–Erin Skelly, Associate Director of Admissions
To start (or finish!) your SAIS MA, MAIA, Diploma, or MIEF, application, click here.