Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Grateful Fed

Today we have a post by SAIS Admissions student blogger Sana A.

The Grateful Fed
What happens when you have a charming economics professor sit down with a few talented students? The Grateful Fed is formed! Readers of this blog will remember the International Dinner a few weeks ago, when I and two other girls performed a song medley with an acoustic guitar. We were approached by one of our colleagues, Riad Houry, who said Professor Jaime Marquez was enthusiastic about a SAIS band.
The final Happy Hour of the semester, co-hosted by the Defense and Intel Club and the SAIS Review was treated to the first live entertainment performance of The Grateful Fed, consisting of people across both years of the MA program and various program concentrations. Sirtaj Kaur brought her amazing talents on the guitar while Seethal Kumar and I sang and I played the violin. Ben Schaare and Ben Hirschman rocked out on the guitars, and Eric Rahman left us all in awe watching him on the keyboard. The much beloved-at-SAIS Professor Marquez was a total star on the drums! Our set list started with Beyonce, Rihanna and Adele and closed with the Rolling Stones and White Stripes. It was a wonderful evening, and we all hope to have a couple more opportunities to jam together next semester as well.
One of my favourite things from the evening was listening to other SAISers who would come up to me and say “I play the cello!” or “I play the trumpet!” Maybe they would be up for joining in on something next term and help us continue the fun!
From left to right: Ben Schaare, Seethal Kumar, Sirtaj Kaur, Sana Ali, Eric Rahman, Ben Hirschman; with Professor Jaime Marquez (front center)
–Sana A., SAIS Admissions Student Blogger
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