Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!


The SAIS Admissions Office will be closed December 31-Jan 2 in observance of the new year.
Since we know that there may be a lot of questions about the application over the holiday break, since the deadline is quickly approaching, we will be hosting virtual office hours on Friday, Jan 2.  Visit our recruiting calendar for more information.
We wish you a very happy new year!
—Erin Skelly, Associate Director of Admissions
Don’t forget, the M.A. application deadline is January 7.  To start (or finish!) your application, click here.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays from SAIS Admissions!

The SAIS Admissions Office will be closed December 24-26 in observance of the winter holidays.
Additionally, we will be closed to visitors through January 9, as we will be very busy processing your applications!  But we will be available to answer questions during this time via email at or via phone at 202.663.5700.
We hope you have a lovely holiday!
Thanks for reading!
–Erin Skelly, Associate Director of Admissions
Don’t forget, the M.A. application deadline is January 7.  To start (or finish!) your application, click here.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Grateful Fed

Today we have a post by SAIS Admissions student blogger Sana A.

The Grateful Fed
What happens when you have a charming economics professor sit down with a few talented students? The Grateful Fed is formed! Readers of this blog will remember the International Dinner a few weeks ago, when I and two other girls performed a song medley with an acoustic guitar. We were approached by one of our colleagues, Riad Houry, who said Professor Jaime Marquez was enthusiastic about a SAIS band.
The final Happy Hour of the semester, co-hosted by the Defense and Intel Club and the SAIS Review was treated to the first live entertainment performance of The Grateful Fed, consisting of people across both years of the MA program and various program concentrations. Sirtaj Kaur brought her amazing talents on the guitar while Seethal Kumar and I sang and I played the violin. Ben Schaare and Ben Hirschman rocked out on the guitars, and Eric Rahman left us all in awe watching him on the keyboard. The much beloved-at-SAIS Professor Marquez was a total star on the drums! Our set list started with Beyonce, Rihanna and Adele and closed with the Rolling Stones and White Stripes. It was a wonderful evening, and we all hope to have a couple more opportunities to jam together next semester as well.
One of my favourite things from the evening was listening to other SAISers who would come up to me and say “I play the cello!” or “I play the trumpet!” Maybe they would be up for joining in on something next term and help us continue the fun!
From left to right: Ben Schaare, Seethal Kumar, Sirtaj Kaur, Sana Ali, Eric Rahman, Ben Hirschman; with Professor Jaime Marquez (front center)
–Sana A., SAIS Admissions Student Blogger
Don’t forget, the M.A. application deadline is January 7.  To start (or finish!) your application, click here.

Friday, December 19, 2014

My Advice to Applicants: Matt B.

Today, Matt B. shares his advice for applicants to SAIS.

This week I’m going to talk about the once piece of advice I have for MA applicants. Its simple really: plan to move to DC.

A friend of mine was talking with some prospective students about why they should choose SAIS over a similar top-tier IR/Econ school. His response? Well, when he asked students at other schools where they worked, especially for their summers, they all said the same thing: DC. His thought was why go anywhere else? I completely agree.

But what else comes with moving to DC, besides maybe higher rent and grocery bills? First, there’s the unique jobs—multilateral institutions, government agencies, all the things you can only get in DC. After all, even if you don’t get into SAIS this application cycle, there’s always next year. And a year of relevant work experience is certainly a way to strengthen your application!

But there’s something far more important about DC than just jobs: the network. 80% of getting a job is who you know, and the network here is bar none.

Of course, I shouldn’t forget to mention, you also have the intellectual fun of just being in DC. No where else do national and international scholars and policy practitioners come so frequently—and they usually make sure to stop at SAIS or at one of the institutions just right next door to us while they are here.

At the end of the day, whether you get into SAIS this time or not, my advice is the same. Move to DC. There’s just no better place to be.

–Matt B., SAIS Admissions Student Bloger

Don’t forget, the M.A. application deadline is January 7. To start (or finish!) your application, click here.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Advice to SAIS Applicants: Meredith P.

Today, Meredith P. shares her advice for applicants to SAIS.

Be an Early Bird…
If I could give one piece of advice to MA applicants for Fall 2015 it would be to finish the application early. The January 7th deadline sounds far away now but it will be here in no time. Especially with the holiday season coming up, the next couple months will fly by and you really do not want to be frantically working on the application the day before the deadline. I remember two years ago when I was going through the process of applying to graduate schools, I procrastinated and left a lot of my essays until the last minute. I spent my holiday break that year writing application essays, which is definitely not the most enjoyable way to spend your time off. Trying to finish everything so close to the deadline made the application process much more stressful than it had to be. If you are able to finish your work now, it will be a huge weight off your back. Not only will you have more time to revise your application to make sure the material you submit is your best possible work, but you will also have more time to relax. Finish you application now, make sure all your test scores and recommendations have been sent in, and then spend the next two months relaxing and enjoying the holidays.
–Meredith P., SAIS Admissions Student Blogger
Don’t forget, the M.A. application deadline is January 7.  To start (or finish!) your application, click here.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Advice to SAIS Applicants: Sana A.

Since the M.A. application deadline is just around the corner, we’ve asked our students bloggers to give some advice to all of you planning on applying to SAIS. See what Sana A. has to say below.

Advice to MA Applicants for Fall 2015
I have the opportunity to speak to several prospective SAIS students in the last few months, here in Washington, DC and around the world. One of the things that comes up often is how to select the concentration out of all the options available at SAIS. I respond by sharing my experiences – working on a region for years, I came to the conclusion that the volatile security situation would first need to be stabilized –> naturally leading me to the Strategic Studies concentration. So when I am asked to guide prospective SAISers, I ask them to reflect upon their experiences and future goals just as much they carefully consider the options made available them at SAIS.

Concentrations are regional and functional. Regional concentrations give students a truly immersive experience, and functional concentrations grant students a comprehensive take an issue to a global scale. I have found that prospective students can clearly articulate what motivates them and what they hope to do – and that is the first step to selecting the concentration. I also would like to point out that you can double up in some cases. A friend of mine at SAIS is doing a double concentration in Africa Studies (regional!) and Conflict Management (functional!). So that is also something to keep in mind. This is all in addition to the required. International Economics concentration. SAISers can choose to specialize in something within the International Economics concentration as well. My advice is to feel confident in the final selections you make because that will be the core of your two busy years at SAIS.

–Sana A., SAIS Admissions Student Blogger

Thanks, Sana! We’ll have some more advice from some of our other student bloggers coming over the next few days.

Don’t forget, the M.A. application deadline is January 7. To start (or finish!) your application, click here.