Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving at SAIS

Today we have a blog post from student blogger, Matt B.  Enjoy!

Like many students at SAIS, I’m not unaccustomed to spending a Thanksgiving away from home. Like myself, a lot of students have had international experiences that led them to having a “friends-giving” instead of something more traditional. But this year, I’m back in the States; unfortunately, I am from Louisiana, and the distance is just too far to go home for such a short amount of time. While it’s nice that we get a whole week off, I couldn’t make it work out this year. Thankfully, I’m not alone in this regard either.  I have a few friends, especially from Georgetown (since they don’t get the full week off), who are going to get together to host a good friendsgiving. I have another friend from my hometown who is doing graduate work in Philadelphia and another doing the same in Boston, and they will come down and join us, too. So I will be celebrating with a different family of sorts. 
SAIS recognises that many of its students can’t get back home for the week, and the SGA organizes a “host-a-SAISer” event for Thanksgiving. This is where those who can sign up to host students (both Americans who can’t get back home and international students who want to participate in the fun tradition)—and since I’ll be participating in a big party, full of way too much food and drink, I’ve signed up to take a few SAISers along with me. For any prospective students who are worried about not having a way to get back home for Thanksgiving, or prospective international students who are curious about how they can experience these kinds of events, take note that the SGA does a great job at organizing hosting opportunities like these, and you won’t have to experience the holidays alone!
Well, those are my plans. Hope everyone has a great holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!
Please note that the SAIS Admissions Office will be closed on Thursday, November 27, and Friday, November 28, in observance of Thanksgiving.  Have a great holiday, everyone!