Thursday, November 20, 2014

Secretary John Kerry Speaking at SAIS

One of the best things about the SAIS student experience is the array of leaders and experts that come to speak to us. The academic calendar is lined with hundreds of such talks, and recently SAIS welcomed Secretary of State John Kerry to our campus. He was there to speak on U.S. – China relations. SAIS students reached campus as early as 7 am in anticipation of the Secretary’s 9:30 am remarks (and also, of course, factoring in the screening process and wanting great seats). Students across concentrations filled up the large auditorium and the overflow room, chatting about the headlines and issues both the United States and China must contend with in the world today.

Secretary Kerry walked in right on time, pausing to comment on the phenomena of seeing so many cell phone cameras wherever he goes – a marked change from his speeches when he ran for President in 2004, when the only camera belonged to the opposition side’s guy in the room. Over the course of his remarks, he touched on a wide variety of issues in the U.S. – China bilateral relationship: everything from the potential gains from a rebalance, Korean peninsula denuclearization, spurring Third World development, and how to combat climate change together – a particular interest of the Secretary’s.

Secretary Kerry also stated he would soon depart for Paris, then on to Beijing, travel away for further meetings on Iranian negotiations and then back to Beijing for more bilateral meetings. This event was another great example of how SAIS keeps students plugged into the conversations happening in real time.

Check out some pictures below from Secretary Kerry’s visit:

You can view more photos of Senator Kerry’s visit on the SAIS Facebook page. Read the SAIS Observer coverage of the secretary’s visit here, or read a transcript of Senator Kerry’s remarks, or watch a video, here.

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Sana A., SAIS Admissions Student Blogger