Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Midterms: Meredith P.

Despite midterms, our student bloggers still managed to find time to write for us this week.  Today we have a student blog post by Meredith P.  Enjoy!

Tell us about midterms!
These past two weeks have been very stressful at SAIS because everyone has had midterms and papers due. Coming to school has not been as much fun as it normally is because everyone seems a bit down (the fact that the weather has been very rainy I am sure is not helping) but it is nice to have a sense of camaraderie. Seeing everyone going through the same hectic time as you and having buddies to stay late at the library with has made the time a bit easier. In both Bologna and DC, whenever midterms come around I have always felt very thankful to be surrounded by people I could go to for help understanding an economics problem set or just someone to vent to. The only difference that I have noticed between DC and Bologna is that midterms seem much more spread out in DC. In Bologna, it seemed as if everyone’s midterms where on the same exact day (probably because half the class is in the same economics class) so leading up to that one day the library would be extra packed and everyone a bit more crazy but then that night everyone would be free and could celebrate together. In contrast, in DC, while I have been done with midterms for a week, I have many friends who will still be studying this weekend. This has made it much easier to find a seat in the library, but it also makes it seem as if the midterms are never-ending.
–Meredith P., SAIS Admissions Student Blogger