Thursday, November 6, 2014

Midterms: Matthew B.

Despite midterms, our student bloggers still managed to find time to write for us this week.  Today we have a student blog post by Matthew B.  Enjoy!

Tell us about midterms!
As a first year student, midterms have been a little intimidating. For first years, it will be their first time taking a test since completing their undergraduate degree; for many, midterms are their first test in years! For me, I only spent a little over one year between school, so it wasn’t as foreign as it could have been.
Fortunately at SAIS, no matter how rusty you are with test taking, the student body is very supportive of one another, and study groups abound.  Personally, I only had one exam this week for my economics course.  The rest of my midterms were take home papers, which I actually like a little more. As for economics, even though I had taken a few courses in undergrad, calculus wasn’t nearly as important then as it is for this level of class, and I needed all the help I could get; thankfully, help was not in short supply. I was especially struck by the distance TAs were willing to go (lots of extra sessions in particular) to make sure you understand the material; I think this really speaks to how dedicated everyone is to making sure all students master their subjects here at SAIS. Or, another way of looking at it, for any first year student the most reassuring thing about midterm season is that you feel like you’re all in it together.  There isn’t a “cut throat, dog eat dog” kind of attitude. Its a very collaborate study process, and after the tests, you’ve got plenty of friends wanting to know how you felt about it–and take you out to celebrate the end of midterms.
–Matthew B., SAIS Admissions Student Blogger
After three posts about midterms, you might think that SAIS is all work and no play!  Don’t worry… next time, our bloggers will be talking about student life and the more “play"ful side of the SAIS experience.  Stay tuned!