Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween at SAIS: Matthew B. & Meredith P.

Two of our student bloggers want to tell you about Halloween at SAIS.  Enjoy!

This year the SAIS Student Government put on its annual Halloween party at a bar near the campus, Bistro Bistro.  Even though it was technically hosted not on Halloween (Thursday, the day before!) everyone still dressed up and came out ready for a good party. I’m told prizes were awarded to the best costumes, but none of my friends got any, so I’m going to call nepotism on that one.
A bunch of my friends and I got together before the event in Columbia Heights. This neighborhood, just north of the school, is a popular place for students to live and even go out.  There, we carved some pumpkins, made our costumes, and got ready to go out and have a good time. Our group decided to make thematic costumes–we went as pokemon characters. (I was actually a pokedex, but everyone else went as a trainer or a pokemon. Don’t hate.) It was a pretty fun night though in particular because we were introducing Halloween to a couple international friends of ours here at SAIS. One girl from the Netherlands, one girl from South Korea, and one from England had never experienced Halloween before.  We had to make sure we did everything that night, including carving pumpkins and handing candy out to the trick or treaters who came by the house!
It wasn’t the wildest Halloween I’ve ever seen–I am from New Orleans after all–but it was a pretty great one.  SAIS has some very creative students, the costumes ran the gamut from quirky to satirical, and everyone was definitely having a great time. All in all, I couldn’t imagine a better first Halloween in DC. Here’s some pictures so you can judge for yourself:
–Matthew B., SAIS Admissions Blogger
This past Thursday the student government association (SGA) here threw the annual SAIS Halloween Party. The event was held in Bistro Bistro, a French restaurant right off Dupont Circle, which had the tables pushed to the side and was turned into a dance party for the night. The venue was open exclusively to SAIS students and guests and was open to students in every program. The SGA arranged for drink specials for all students, including $4 beers and $5 vodka and rum drinks, an almost unheard of deal in DC. Most students dressed up in costume for the event. One of the most popular choices for the women was Rosie the Riveter. A few of my favorites included a crew of minions from Despicable Me and a group of fast-food restaurant mascots. Overall, everyone seemed to have an amazing time, getting to get dressed up, relax with a drink and take a night off from studying. It was also a chance for students to show off their various talents outside of academia, with a second-year student working as the DJ for the night. The party started at 9pm and went well into the night, with a large portion of the student body in attendance.
–Meredith P., SAIS Admissions Student Blogger