Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Student Blogger: Sana A.

We’re please to announce that we have 4 new student bloggers this fall.  Over the next few days, each student blogger will post their first entry here.  Enjoy!

Who Are You and Why Are You at SAIS?
My name is Sana, and I am a second-year Strategic Studies concentrator at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Prior to starting my graduate program at SAIS, I worked for the Ambassador in the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC. I saw first-hand how governments seek convergence on key issues facing both Pakistan and the United States, and tirelessly strive to strengthen a crucial bilateral relationship. My time at the Embassy proved to be invaluable; I count myself among the exceptionally lucky for having witnessed leadership at its bravest and diplomacy at its finest. I could not have imagined a better introduction to international relations today.
The field of international relations is so incredibly vast. It covers all aspect of human living, from trade to energy to security to human rights. Finding your place amongst these aspects can be daunting, which is why I am grateful I worked for some time. I knew my interest lay in security issues and my passion was in the policymaking process; armed with this knowledge, I looked at the next step in my journey. I didn’t have to look far! SAIS is located in the heart of Washington, DC and boasts of a world-renowned strategic studies program. I wanted an education that would emphasize how interconnected everything is by giving me an econ foundation. I wanted to be the most capable version of myself before setting out to do my part in the enormous field of IR. That’s why SAIS.
–Sana A., SAIS Admissions Student Blogger