Monday, March 18, 2013

Concentration Profile: American Foreign Policy

This post is the thirteenth in an on-going series highlighting SAIS concentrations.
In a global environment, what makes American Foreign Policy so important?  SAIS Professor and Director of the American Foreign Policy concentration explains it:
The United States is the most powerful, the most important and the most controversial country in the world. Its foreign policies have a major impact on every region of the planet and every significant international issue, from nuclear nonproliferation to world trade to global warming. Studying the history of American foreign policy, the processes by which that policy is made and the range of issues with which the country deals therefore provides a useful perspective on international relations as a whole as well as an understanding of the role of the United States in the international system.
While the SAIS American Foreign Policy concentration has a strong focus on history, the discipline does face some interesting challenges in the modern world:
To hear Professor Mandelbaum discuss American Foreign Policy further, click here.
Beyond academics, students in American Foreign Policy  have the opportunity to participate in international study trips, research opportunities, and study visits within Washington, DC.
To learn more about the American Foreign Policy concentration, click here.
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— Erin Skelly Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions
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