Thursday, January 3, 2013

Concentration Profile: Southeast Asia Studies

This post is the third in an on-going series highlighting SAIS concentrations.
The regional studies programs at Johns Hopkins SAIS represent all regions of the world, and allow students to study larger issues in a regional-specific context.  One such regional studies program at SAIS is the Southeast Asia Studies program, a region of increasing influence as its countries experience rapid development and growth.
What kind of careers do students in Southeast Asia Studies pursue?  Dr. Karl Jackson, SAIS professor and director of Southeast Asia Studies, discusses careers of Southeast Asia Studies graduates.
To hear Professor Jackson discuss Southeast Asia studies further, click here.
In addition to their classroom offerings, Southeast Asia Studies enriches its students’ experience through lunch seminars and other on-campus events, a well-structured summer internship program, and January intersession in-country intensive language training.
To learn more about Southeast Asia Studies, please visit the Southeast Asia Studies page.
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– Erin Skelly Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions