Tuesday, November 13, 2012

China Club students at the International Dinner. Korean student at the International Dinner. The German Club served Bavarian pretzels and sausage. The South Asian students served a wide variety of dishes.
The Thai Club represents at the International Dinner fashion show. Students from all over south Asia united in the name of fashion.
China, with a little Tibet thrown in for good measure (apparently, Jim's green shirt is Tibetan, not Chinese). The German Club definitely gets the spirit award for the evening.
The sole Korean fashionista got the biggest crowd cheer of the night.

I mentioned the annual SAIS international dinner last week, which I attended this past weekend.  And I was able to get some pretty good photos - I encourage you to click on the images above to see some full-size shots of our students showing off either their regional culinary prowess or fashion sense.  I didn’t get a picture of every organization/club/region, unfortunately - my pictures of the Africa Association and the Latin American Club didn’t come out at - but you can get a good idea of the diversity at SAIS from these photos.
And, finally, to round out the evening, the students put on some music and had a dance party.  That’s real SAIS Style - world unity, one dance groove at a time.
Thanks for reading!
– Erin Skelly Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions