Monday, October 8, 2012

What appears to be an ariel shot of the Florida State University.  I'm sure it was much warmer there than it is in D.C. right now! A popular highlight when visiting a campus is a stop at the campus bookstore.
This is what Sidney had to say about this photo: "The group ate at Gaineville's famous local joint Satchel's. Seriously, it looks sketchy on the outside but nice on the inside."

I wonder if this University of Florida student knows she's been captured by Sidney's candid camera? When on the road, we jointly recruit with reps from Tufts Fletcher School, Columbia SIPA, and Georgetown School of Foreign Service.

Welcome back, Sidney!  Today is Sidney’s first day back on campus after a week of recruiting in the sunny Southeast US.  Above are a couple highlights from his last day in Florida.
Our next week-long recruiting trip isn’t for a few weeks, but we do have a couple of graduate fairs coming up in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, and Atlanta, just to name a few.  You can see the full list of upcoming events on our recruiting calendar.
Thanks for reading!
– Erin Skelly Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions