Monday, August 6, 2012

Taking a Well-Deserved Break

A long-standing tradition at SAIS is our Friday night Happy Hour.  SAIS students tend to be very focused.  They work hard.  Between classes, internships, visiting speaker, and brown bag lunches, they try to squeeze as much out of every day as they can.  The Friday Happy Hour a great way for SAISers to take a break from all that hard work, relax, and catch up with their classmates.
Pre-Term is no exception, during which SAIS hosts a free Happy Hour every Friday for our new students, to give them break (and to celebrate completing the weekly Friday exam).  The first Happy Hour of Pre-Term is always fun.
Because the Admissions Office is right above the Nitze building courtyard, we get a birds-eye view of the festivities.  Regular happy hours during the academic year have 2 or 3 times as many students.
In addition to free beer, our new SAISers enjoy complementary pizza at Happy Hour. 
Happy Hour is a great opportunity for new SAISers to get to know their classmates outside the classroom.  For students that don’t have housing yet, it’s also a great way to find roommates!
Not only do SAIS Econ TAs help new students survive Pre-Term, they also make excellent bartenders!  Greg (left) completed his M.A. at SAIS a few years ago and is now a Ph.D. student; Jim (right) just graduated with his M.A. in May 2012.  All the Econ TAs are either returning SAIS students or recent alums.
When I went to take this picture, instead of saying “Cheese!” I said “I love econ!"  They didn’t really find it funny, but they did smile politely.  But they seemed to be having a good time.
Now, when I tried my "I love econ!” line on this group, they thought it was really funny.  Or maybe they love econ!
All in all, it looked like our new SAISers were having a good time, and were happy to take a break from their studies.
Thanks for reading!
– Erin Skelly Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions