Saturday, May 5, 2012

SAISPride: Stephanie Eder, 2011 graduate

“Jumping on top of the Austrian Alps is my way of showing my SAIS Pride, as the SAIS experience has been unique for me. I was always interested in international affairs and different cultures, and the SAIS program provides me with all the components to follow my personal interests. The excellent academic quality of SAIS was paramount for my decision to study here. At the Bologna campus, I met many fascinating people from all over the world. This experience is invaluable, and the friendships will continue beyond graduation. Now, in D.C. I am able to meet high-ranking policymakers and scholars on almost a daily basis. Where else are you able to have a word with an ambassador, an outstanding scholar, a government representative and a military official in the same week? This environment enables me to expand my professional network.
"The people who are studying and working at SAIS made my experience here so valuable. For two years, they have been like my family, and this experience has changed my life in many good ways. Many reasons to be proud to be a SAIS student, don’t you think so?”
Stephanie Eder