Friday, April 27, 2012

What to Expect: Housing in Washington, D.C.

Yesterday, I wrote about housing in Bologna.  Today I’m writing about housing in Washington, D.C.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any SAIS-owned housing in D.C.  (Or maybe it’s a good thing?  I’ve never met a grad student who wanted to live in a dorm.)  So where do SAIS students live, anyway?  Good question.  Very few of them actually live in the Dupont Circle area, which can be a little pricey - instead, they live in the surrounding areas.  I’ve heard that many our students live in areas like Columbia Heights, Woodley Park, Mount Pleasant or Friendship Heights; a few even live in Virginia or Maryland and take the Metro into the city (cheaper rents, but also longer commutes).  Which is better?  That’s up to you.
How to find housing is probably the bigger question, for many of our incoming students.  SAIS offers a housing site where students can view apartments for rent, “roommates wanted” listings, furniture for sale, and the like.  This site is only accessible using a JHED (JHU ID), so incoming students will have access to the site after receiving their JHEDs in mid-May.  Additional resources regarding housing are available in the SAIS Guide to Washington, D.C.(take a look beginning on page 7).
Some students choose to live alone, and others choose to share.  Want to identify potential roommate in advance?  Then make sure you join the incoming student Facebook Group.
Thanks for reading!
– Erin Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions