Thursday, April 26, 2012

What to Expect: Housing in Bologna

We get a lot of questions about how housing works for students going to Bologna.  (We also get questions on how housing works in DC - that’s a topic for another post.)  I understand the trepidation.  For some students, it’s the first time they’ll have lived abroad; for others, it may not be their first time living abroad, but it may be the first time they’ve had to secure their own housing.
Well, I have some good news for you: it’s really easy.
But on the downside, housing isn’t really something you can arrange in advance.
Here’s the thing: you’re going to Italy, and there are some small cultural differences that you’ll have to acclimate to, one of which is how the rental market works.  But SAIS has a housing liaison to help you navigate these tricky waters, and he helps you find housing the Italian way … once you arrive in Italy, you’ll make an appointment with the housing liaison, and he’ll show you available apartments (based on your preferences).  For more details, click here (go to page 36).
Some students choose to live alone, and others choose to share.  Want to identify potential roommate in advance?  Then make sure you join the incoming student Facebook Group. 
Thanks for reading!
– Erin Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions