Monday, April 30, 2012

SAISPride: Cordelia Chesnutt, 2011 graduate

“This photo was taken in Sweden during a trip with two friends from SAIS. It encapsulates the two things I love the most about SAIS: friendship and travel. As part of my SAIS experience, I’ve been fortunate enough to make two research trips to Asia: to Japan in November 2010, where I researched the U.S.-Japanese alliance and nuclear disarmament, and second, to the Philippines in January 2011. As a Conflict Management student, I was selected to partake in the Conflict Management Field Trip to the Philippines. During this trip, we traveled to Mindanao in the Southern Philippines, which for decades has experienced civil war. As part of this trip, we met with leaders of the peace process and even visited the rebel headquarters in the jungle! These two trips gave me practical experience in the field which will no doubt be of benefit to my job search in the future. I don’t know of any other graduate program in IR that allows its students to travel and see the world the way that SAIS does. But the best thing about SAIS? The friendships you develop along the way.”
Cordelia Chesnutt