Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SAISPride: Carolyn Florey, Current Student

“I had been working in international development for almost five years when I decided to go back to graduate school. To make a career in development, I knew that SAIS provided the best combination possible: location, an extensive alumni network, rigorous academics, leadership opportunities and gaining work experience during the school year.
"For me, this photograph - taken during the IDEV Colombia Intercession Trip in January 2012 - represents the first thing people almost always told me when I asked about their experience at SAIS: it’s all about your fellow students. They will challenge you, teach you, mentor you and support you. Our Colombia Intercession Trip epitomized my SAIS experience: we met the former president of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, former mayors of Bogota, thought leaders and community activists. But we also had a lot of fun – as you can see in these photos taken around Bogota and Medellin. SAIS students take life and their work seriously, but it’s nice they don’t always take themselves too seriously.”
Carolyn Florey