Friday, January 6, 2012

FAQ Friday: What’s the deal with the M.A. application deadline?

That’s right, the M.A. application is almost here: January 7!  We’ve fielded a lot of questions today about the deadline.  Is it at midnight?  If so, which midnight?  And what time zone?  What is my paper materials arrive on Monday, since the 7th is a Saturday?
Never fear, your answers are here.
You must have your application submitted online by 11:59 pm EST on January 7.  For anyone living west of EST, we’ll give you a little leeway and you can have until 11:59 pm Pacific time.
In regards to paper materials, we will accept paper materials on Monday as well.  We won’t be in the office this weekend, but if you’re in the area and want to drop off paper materials, we have a locked mailbox outside our office in the Nitze building, you can feel free to drop it there on Saturday or Sunday.
For those of you who are curious about the status of your application, check out our FAQ from last week about application status updates.
Thanks for reading!
— Erin Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions
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