Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sum-It-Up Sunday: Dec 11, 2011 Edition

It’s been a busy week in the D.C. Admissions Office.  The Ph.D. application deadline is next week (December 15 for all you potential doctoral candidates out there), and so transcripts and recommendations have been pouring in.  Despite the deluge of paper, we’ve been able to take some time out to visit the interwebs.  Here are some things we thought were pretty interesting this week:
The SAIS Bologna Admissions Blog also had a lot to say this week about the euro zone,Slice of SAIS, and a new faculty member.
And there’s been some great stuff happening on campus, too.  The students are crazy busy with finals, but that doesn’t mean that the events and speakers stop coming to SAIS.  It seems like there’s been something big happening in Kenney auditorium every day this week.  They even cleared out all the lobby furniture the other day to accomodate overflow seating.  Lucky for you, we filmed some of it!  Watch here.
SAIS Hosted Discussion on Future of Bahrain on December 5
And one last little tidbit … if you didn’t see it, Wolf Blitzer (SAIS alum) interviewed Kermit the Frog the other day. 
Thanks for reading! 
– Erin Cameron, Associate Director of Admissions